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Men With Large Noses May Have Bigger Penises

! Attention ! Men with bigger noses your moment has arrived 👃⁠



Researchers at Ulsan University Hospital in South Korea have made a fascinating discovery linking the size of one’s nose to the size of a certain male anatomical feature. 🍆⁠


According to the study, it appears that exposure to higher levels of testosterone during fetal development may be responsible for shaping both the nose and genitals of male babies. Testosterone is known to play a significant role in these formations.⁠


These findings support a previous investigation conducted in 2021, which observed that men with a nose measuring 4.5cm (1.7in) long had an average flaccid penis size of 10cm (4in), while those with noses measuring up to 5.5cm (2.1in) boasted an average size of 13.4cm (over 5in).⁠


Furthermore, the recent study, involving 1,160 men in their 30s, also revealed a correlation between larger foot size and a wider penis.⁠