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Megan Fox Revealed She Had A Miscarriage With MGK

Megan Fox want to shed light on her recent trauma 😥⁠




Megan Fox has opened up about her experience with a miscarriage during her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.⁠

“I had never been through anything like that before in my life,..I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us, and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately and together and apart … trying to navigate, ‘What does this mean?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’”⁠

Fox expressed her feelings about the pregnancy loss through two poems in her newly released book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. In one poignant passage, she recollects glimpsing an ultrasound of a 10-week-old baby girl, writing, “Maybe if you hadn’t… maybe if I had.”⁠

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