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Maltese Woman Overcomes Breast Cancer, Kidney Failure And More

A Maltese woman has shared her experience of overcoming multiple serious health issues, including a brain tumour, kidney failure, lymphedema, and paralysis. She revealed her life story in an interview on the local platform: The People of Malta.



Vivienne Sammut believes in accepting whatever life throws at her, and credits God for being by her side through it all. She recounts being diagnosed with a brain tumor after fainting during Sir Anthony Mamo’s funeral on TV, which led to complications and paralysis.



She also had thrombosis while at Boffa hospital before being transferred to Mater Dei hospital, where doctors discovered an enlarged kidney that had to be removed.


Two years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent three surgeries.


Despite all of this, Vivienne remains positive and tries to keep a brave face for her family.