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Malta Has The World’s Highest Body Confidence

Where confidence meets Mediterranean charm! 🌞



In a recent global survey encompassing more than 56,000 individuals across 65 nations, it was revealed that individuals in Malta exhibit the highest levels of body confidence. The research, carried out by Anglia Ruskin University researchers, identified Malta as the leading country, followed by Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan, in terms of overall satisfaction with body image among their respective populations.


In stark contrast, Australia ranked at the top of the list for low body image confidence, trailed by India, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.


Professor Viren Swami, the study’s primary investigator, highlighted how individuals residing in culturally diverse countries, distinct from the United States, generally display a greater degree of body positivity. He noted that those living in urban areas might experience more significant pressures to conform to Western society’s ideals regarding body image. Furthermore, Professor Swami observed that individuals who were single tended to report higher levels of body positivity on a broader scale.