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Lizzo Brings Young Fan Who Gets Bullied On Stage

Protect Lizzo and this girl at all costs..



During her Special Tour in Australia, Lizzo continues to spread love and positivity, earning praises for her recent gesture. At her concert in Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer spotted a young girl named Monroe Mills holding up a sign that read, ‘PLS HELP ME SHOW MY HATERS I’M 100% THAT B***H!’

Filled with compassion, Lizzo showered Monroe with compliments and asked how she could assist. The brave 11-year-old revealed that she faces bullying on social media for her passion for dancing and singing, expressing her admiration for Lizzo.

Determined to empower Monroe, Lizzo had her brought on stage and embraced her warmly. She shared words of wisdom, highlighting the impact of our words on others, and assured Monroe of her talent, beauty, and uniqueness. Lizzo encouraged the young girl, emphasizing that she has a bright future ahead.

In an act of solidarity, Lizzo and Monroe addressed the haters together, with Lizzo capturing the moment on camera. The crowd enthusiastically cheered Monroe’s name, and the Grammy Award winner stood by her, declaring that nobody should speak ill of her bestie. Lizzo lovingly hugged Monroe once more, expressing her love and support.

This touching moment showcased Lizzo’s commitment to uplifting others and spreading a message of love and acceptance.