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King Charles Confirmed Smoking Will Soon Be Banned

The King’s Speech has confirmed plans to ban smoking in the UK.





King Charles III, who appeared in the House of Lords for the official opening of Parliament on November 7, outlined the government’s agenda for the upcoming year. One of the prominent issues on the docket is the smoking ban, aimed at preventing those born on or after January 1, 2009, from purchasing tobacco or cigarettes.


This move is part of an effort to deter teenagers from starting smoking to protect their health. The UK government aims to create a smoke-free generation by progressively increasing the age for tobacco sales. This initiative, along with measures to restrict the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes to children, is expected to reduce smoking-related costs, which currently amount to £17 billion per year. The government’s goal is to significantly reduce smoking rates among those aged 14 to 30, possibly reaching near-zero levels by 2040.


Additionally, King Charles mentioned a “further crackdown on youth vaping,” with ongoing consultations to protect children and encourage adult smokers to use vaping as a means to quit, including discussions on banning or restricting disposable vapes and pricing adjustments.