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Kanye Served Sushi On Naked Lady For His Birthday

Kanye West’s birthday bash raises eyebrows and appetites..

Kanye West has once again sparked controversy on the internet by opting for an unconventional choice of food for his birthday dinner.


It’s common knowledge that celebrities indulge in extravagant and lively parties behind closed doors, whether it’s post-Oscar celebrations or extravagant birthday soirées. They certainly know how to go all out.


However, Kanye West has taken a rather peculiar turn for his birthday festivities, featuring a peculiar twist: sushi being served on a table with a naked woman as the platter. This practice actually has a name – ‘nyotaimori’ in Japanese.

Eating sushi off a naked woman traces its roots back to Japan’s Edo period, and it originally involved the consumption of alcohol and more than just food…