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Global Warming Waking Up 50,000 Y/O Zombie Viruses

Ancient viruses resurface as earth warms🦠



With the rise in Earth’s temperatures, the research of virologist Jean-Michel Claverie has revealed the emergence of ancient viruses, some of which can be traced back nearly 50,000 years. These once-dormant viruses are re-emerging from the thawing Siberian permafrost, raising concerns about potential public health implications, although the extent of these risks remains uncertain at present.

The increasing global temperatures have triggered the resurgence of viruses long-buried in the Siberian permafrost, with virologist Jean-Michel Claverie’s investigations shedding light on their existence, dating back nearly 50,000 years. As these ancient viruses reawaken from their long dormancy, questions arise about the potential threats they may pose to public health, though the exact nature of these risks remains a subject of ongoing research and debate