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Gigi Hadid Arrested Due To Drug Possession

Her trip took a turn for the worse😬



Supermodel Gigi Hadid was reportedly detained in the Cayman Islands, along with a friend, after they were found in possession of marijuana.


Gigi had legally purchased the marijuana in NYC using a medical license.


The incident took place during their travels, where they arrived on a private plane. Customs officials discovered “ganja and utensils used for the consumption of ganja” in their luggage.


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The incident occurred at Owen Roberts International Airport, where she was then arrested.


Local publication Cayman Marl Road stated that the duo faced charges on “suspicion Importation of Ganja and Importation of Utensils used for the consumption of ganja.”


They were then taken to the Prisoner Detention Center but later released on bail.


According to reports, the drugs were not discovered in Gigi’s own personal bag but were allegedly found in one of the bags belonging to another traveller on the same private plane. However, due to the aircraft being registered under Gigi’s name, the responsibility for all the passengers’ belongings fell on her.


During their court appearance on July 12, both Gigi and her friend pleaded guilty to the charges and were fined $1,000 each. However, it’s been reported that they won’t be subject to further legal action.