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Gen Z Doesn’t Want To See Sex Scenes On TV Anymore

The romance seems to be overkill..



In light of a recent study, it has been revealed that Gen Z is increasingly disinterested in encountering romantic or intimate scenes in movies and television shows. The research conducted by UCLA highlights that 47.5 percent of individuals aged 13 to 24 in this demographic believe there is an excessive focus on love in the realm of TV and film.

Furthermore, 51.5 percent of respondents expressed a desire for more storylines centered around friendships and platonic relationships, while 39 percent expressed a wish to see asexual relationships portrayed more frequently on screen. A significant portion of those surveyed, about 44.3 percent, felt that romance in media has become excessively prevalent.

Dr. Yalda T. Uhls, who is not only the founder and director of CSS but also a co-author of this study and an adjunct professor in UCLA’s psychology department, has commented that these findings underscore Gen Z’s desire for more varied and diverse depictions of relationships in the media. Presently, there is a sense that romance is overly dominant in this context.