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Farmer Plants 80 Acres Of Flowers For Wife Of 50 Years

For a very special reason, Lee Wilson decided to cultivate a different crop than usual this season ❤



On August 10th, Lee and Renee Wilson will celebrate their remarkable 50th wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Lee prepared an exceptionally floral gift.

“We’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on August 10th, and I wanted to find the perfect gift for my gal,” Lee explained. “Knowing she has always loved sunflowers, I thought this was the ideal year to plant a sunflower field just for her. So, I planted 80 acres of sunflowers.”

Intriguingly, that amounts to approximately 1.2 million sunflowers in the field, which equates to an astounding 15 thousand flowers per acre! Lee kept the whole endeavor a secret, planting the field in May with the assistance of his son, to ensure Renee wouldn’t find out beforehand.

When Renee discovered the surprise, she felt incredibly cherished. “It made me feel very special. It couldn’t have been a more perfect anniversary gift than a field of sunflowers,” she joyfully expressed.

Lee and Renee’s love story spans almost their entire lives, and they vividly recall their first encounter in high school. “We met in high school. She couldn’t date until she was 16, and I called her on her 16th birthday, and that’s when we started dating,” Lee reminisced. “Our first date was a roller skating party, an FFA roller skating party in Harper, Kansas.”