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Ex-Love Island Star Has Home Invaded By Ladybirds


The stuff of nightmares 🐞



A former Love Island star recently shared her distressing experience when her home became overrun by ladybugs.


Speaking from her residence in Loughton, Elma expressed her dismay, saying, “So the whole world and their dog has been speaking about the bed bug epidemic, well I’ve got my own epidemic. This has been ongoing for three days, I haven’t slept. I’ve got bags under my eyes bigger than IKEA. I know I’m gonna say it and you lot are gonna be like ‘can’t be that bad,’ well it is that bad.”

Elma filmed the scary ladybird infestation at her home. Credit: @elmapazarofficial/TikTok

The reality TV personality shared her affinity for ladybirds, saying they’ve always had a tendency to follow her around. When she initially noticed a few ladybugs in her house a couple of days ago, she wasn’t overly concerned.


But then, the situation escalated rapidly. Elma continued,“In the space of about half an hour, I kid you not these ladybirds were in every corner, they came in in hundreds and thousands, across the walls, all through the window frames, everywhere.”


What would you do in this situation?