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Brody Jenner Makes Coffee With Fiancée’s Breast Milk

Barista innovation? 😂

Brody Jenner recently expressed his approval of a unique coffee concoction featuring his fiancée’s breast milk as an ingredient.

The former star of “The Hills” took to social media to share a video of himself preparing coffee, using the unconventional choice of breast milk as a creamer for both himself and his future wife, Tia Blanco.



In a newly released YouTube video, the 40-year-old celebrity realized that he had depleted his almond milk supply while making lattes. To his surprise, he discovered that breast milk served as an unexpectedly excellent substitute. After welcoming their newborn, Honey Raye, in July, Brody and his 26-year-old professional surfer fiancée enjoyed their breast milk lattes while cozied up in bed together.