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Brazil Drops Man Utd Player Due To Abuse Allegations

Manchester United winger Antony has been excluded from the Brazilian squad in the wake of allegations of abuse brought forth by his former girlfriend.



The Brazilian football federation cited the emergence of publicized “facts” that warrant further investigation as the reason for his removal.

The allegations against Antony were published by the Brazilian news outlet UOL, and they are currently under investigation by law enforcement authorities in Sao Paulo and Greater Manchester. Antony has vehemently denied the accusations, asserting their falseness and expressing confidence that ongoing police inquiries will ultimately establish his innocence.

According to the allegations, Antony is accused of physically assaulting his ex-partner, Gabriela Cavallin, in a Manchester hotel room on January 15th, which resulted in a head injury requiring medical attention. Additionally, she claims to have been punched in the chest, causing damage to a silicone breast implant that necessitated corrective surgery.

Antony has consistently maintained that, despite the turbulence in their relationship, he never engaged in any physical aggression. In a prior statement from June, he also asserted that he had been falsely accused of domestic violence by his former girlfriend.