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Austrian Village Protests Against Too Many Tourists

Residents of the Austrian village of Hallstatt are protesting in the local streets because they want fewer tourists.




Hallstatt is surrounded by the Alps and is home to around 700 people.

However, during the summer, they have an average of about 10,000 tourists per day.

In 2006, the village gained popularity in Asia due to a South Korean romantic drama, leading to a significant increase in its popularity.

Six years later, a replica of the village was built in China.

The residents of this village, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, want fewer tourists after 5 pm.

Last May, the residents hung an “out of order” sign in the most touristy spot where people usually take selfies to block the view of the Alps.

This action garnered attention and discussion on social media platforms.

Before the Covid pandemic hit, Hallstatt used to attract around a million tourists per year.