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Ariana Grande Admits To Having Botox And Lip Fillers

Ariana Grande has chosen to divulge her complete beauty regimen, sparing no detail!

In Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series, the renowned musician generously shares her step-by-step beauty routine, starting with skincare preparations and culminating in the final touches. Throughout her candid conversation during the process, Ariana Grande opens up about her past experiences with Botox and fillers, shedding light on her journey and how she once relied on beauty enhancements to “conceal” her true self.

In the midst of her beauty routine, Ariana Grande delves into her evolving relationship with cosmetics and aesthetics. She reflects, “Over the years, I used makeup as a form of camouflage, a means to shield myself, opting for more elaborate hairstyles and thicker eyeliner.” She acknowledges the allure of such transformations and still holds an appreciation for them. However, as time has passed, she’s had a change of heart, expressing, “But as I’ve grown older, I’ve shifted away from making that the primary purpose.”

Today, Ariana Grande views beauty as a form of self-expression, emphasizing that the connection each person has with it is profoundly personal. She believes that everyone simply desires to look and feel their best, and her evolving perspective on beauty reflects this shift towards authenticity and self-acceptance.