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Airlines Started Introducing Child-Free Zones On Flights

Have you ever endured a crying infant or a noisy child during your flight? These airlines have the solution for you 😬



Turkish-owned Corendon Airlines has stepped in to provide a solution. The company has recently announced the introduction of child-free zones on one of its flight routes.

Referred to as the ‘Only Adult’ section, this area will be accessible only to passengers aged 16 and above. Corendon, a Turkish airline, will be implementing these ‘Only Adult’ zones on flights connecting Amsterdam to the Caribbean island of Curaçao, with the service commencing this November.

This child-free zone, situated at the front of the aircraft, will encompass 93 seats reserved exclusively for travellers over 16. It will be separated from the rest of the plane by partitions and curtains. To secure a seat in the ‘Only Adult’ area, passengers will be required to pay an additional €45 for a one-way ticket.

Corendon becomes the first European airline to introduce adult-only zones, although some international carriers have already adopted this practice. For instance, AirAsia X has a ‘Quiet Zone’ on its A330 long-haul flights, designated for passengers aged 12 and above. Additionally, Scoot, a Singapore-based low-cost carrier, features ‘ScootinSilence’ cabins on its 787 flights, which are accessible solely to travellers aged 12 and older.