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Adrian Portelli Ends His Trip With McLaren P1 In Gozo

Have you caught a glimpse of Portelli’s famous McLaren?

After the news broke that the Gozitan-Australian billionaire Adrian Portelli had arrived on the Maltese islands accompanied by his prestigious hypercar McLaren P1, he took to Instagram to conclude his European tour on his native island of Gozo.

Standing beside his car, Portelli expressed that this had been one of the most remarkable experiences of his life.

Portelli, a deeply sentimental individual, explained that for him, the focus was more on crafting memories to establish a profound connection with his cars. This was the reason he had opted to take the P1 on a journey across Europe.

He detailed his extensive journey, recounting how he had traveled “from Germany to London, Saint Tropez to Monte Carlo, crossing the Italian border from north to south (exploring places like Positano, Milan, Monza F1, Bologna, Pisa, Rome, The Amalfi Coast & Sicily), then heading to Malta before making his final stop in Gozo.”

Following his return to his homeland, Portelli plans to head back to Melbourne, Australia, where he had gained additional notoriety by purchasing the city’s most expensive apartment and hoisting his $3 million car to its parking spot on the 57th floor.