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News Anchor Gets Proposed To During Live TV News

What a cute surprise 😍   A heartwarming surprise took place at a Tennessee NBC news station. Cornelia Nicholson, the news anchor, found herself in an unexpected moment during her broadcast on Monday, August 21st.   Thinking it was a regular workday, Cornelia began her segment. However, she was taken aback when she realized the […]

Belgian University Offering Course On Taylor Swift

Literature professor in Belgium wants to explore the poetic essence of Taylor Swift’s lyrics! Earlier this year, a spark ignited within literature professor from Ghent University in Belgium, McCausland after listening to The Great War from Midnights the album by Taylor Swift. The metaphorical use of war in Swift’s art stirred her thoughts, even evoking […]

NGO Clears 500Kg Of Debris From Maltese Seas

A successful summer cleanup initiative was completed thanks to the environmental group ‘Coast is Clear’ 🌊   Guided by Coast is Clear’s founder, Mark Galea Pace, a diverse team of volunteers, made up of people from different countries, worked together to clean up the sea. They focused on hard-to-reach spots along the shoreline and areas […]

Sigala Goes Jet Skiing With Shaun Farrugia In Malta

Two stars hang out in Malta 😍   Currently in Malta, the internationally acclaimed DJ Sigala, whose real name is Bruce Fielder, is spending time with local vocalist and songwriter Shaun Farrugia.   The notable English DJ and music producer achieved the feat of having eight tracks reach the top ten of the UK Singles […]