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Mayor Marries Alligator He Calls ‘Princess Girl’ In Mexico

Mexico Alligator Princess Girl

  Mexican mayor Victor Hugo Sosa recently got married to an alligator-like reptile.     This marriage was a unique ancestral ritual intended to bring prosperity to his people.   This custom, which has been followed for 230 years, honors the peaceful coexistence of the indigenous Chontal and Huave people.     The reptile, known […]

AI Glasses Will Tell You What People Think About You

AI Glasses People

A tech expert predicts that in the future, AI glasses will let humans detect lies and attractions from other people. The expert, Devin Liddell, says that this technological advancement will be inevitable. He revealed that the glasses will have advanced computer vision that help the person wearing it understand emotions and details beyond human sight. […]

Man Lives In An Airplane In The Middle Of The Forest

Man Airplane Forest

  Bruce Campbell lives in an airplane he converted into a home himself in the middle of a forest.     The man converted the plane into a fully functional living space and towed it into a secluded area in a forest in Oregon.     The retired plane features a shower, two toilets and […]

WATCH: Rollercoaster Shuts Down After Visitor Spots Crack

Rollercoaster Visitor Crack

  Adding rollercoaster cracks to my list of fears!   A rollercoaster in the US was shut down after an amusement park visitor spotted a very dangerous crack while people were still riding it.   Jeremy Wagner took to Facebook to report that he found this big crack on the rollercoaster, leading officials to temporarily […]

7 Beaches Worth Visiting When Travelling To Italy

Beaches Visiting Travelling Italy

  Apart from the tasty food, Italy is also known for its beautiful beaches!     Check out what we think could be some of the best ones:   Arutas, Sardinia     Arcomagno, Calabria     Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily     San Vito lo Capo, Sicily     Cala Coticcio, Sardinia     […]

Hospital Window Cleaners Dress Up As Superheroes To Cheer Up Children

Hospital Window Cleaners Superheroes Children

  Faith in humanity restored!     Every year, window cleaners dress up as popular superheroes aiming to cheer up the spirits of the children at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.     During this annual event, window cleaners dress up as superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America, and interact with the young […]

73-Year-Old Lady Praised For Wearing Sexy Outfits

73 Lady Sexy Outfits

  73-year-old Keiko Guest has been facing both praise and criticism for wearing sexy outfits.     She was criticised for not dressing her age and for showing her incredible figure showing that age is just a number.   However, she also got herself admirers who praised her for defying age stereotypes.     “Ma’am […]

Chelsea Wants To Give Flight Prize To Sven & Gaby

Love Island Malta’s over, but the content keeps on giving 🤩   In a surprising turn of events, the aftermath of Love Island Malta’s winners’ break-up has taken an unexpected twist. Chelsea has now expressed her desire for the holiday she won with Allen to be given to the second-place couple instead ❤   Alongside […]

7 Activities Single People Should Do This Summer

Time to embrace the single life ✨   Here’s a list of 7 summer activities you can enjoy on your own whenever your besties are occupied this summer 😅 What other activities could you think of? 👇   #summer #singlelife #activities

Collection Of Sea Urchins In Malta Is Now Illegal

No more ‘rizzi’ collecting from now on! ⚠️   The Maltese government has declared the harvesting of sea urchins illegal, effective immediately. 🚫   This is part of the government’s efforts to restore the population of this endangered species, according to a statement released on Friday.   A two-year moratorium has been imposed, and those […]

11 Iconic Looks From Malta Fashion Week Day 4

Take a look at how day 4 of Malta Fashion Week looked like 😍    Last night’s event showcased a unique lineup of international designers including Paskal from Ukrainian Fashion Week, DoubleM, and Suzana Peric from Serbia Fashion Week.    What was your favourite look so far? 📸

Francesca Curmi Beats Junior French Open Winner

Francesca Curmi shines on the tennis court 🎾   Maltese tennis player Francesca Curmi showcased her exceptional skills on the court yesterday, as she triumphed over Lucie Havlickova, the Junior French Open Winner in 2022. Curmi’s victory demonstrates her growing prowess and cements her position as a formidable force in the tennis world.   Hailing […]