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Nicola Picks Andriy In The Latest Recoupling

nicola andriy

Looks like Nicola finally made up her mind 😯   Continuing from yesterday’s nail-biting cliffhanger, today’s highly anticipated episode of Love Island Malta started off with Nicola’s choice of coupling up with either Dale or Andriy 😍   Following their latest ongoing sparks, Nicola chose Andriy to couple up with. To be honest, we saw […]

James Arthur Unrecognised After Face Plastic Surgery

James Arthur is looking a little different recently!   James Arthur, a former X Factor champion, stunned viewers when he made an unexpected appearance on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday. The competition winner, who stunned fans when he first appeared on TV in 2012, suddenly had a radically changed appearance. On Monday, May 29, the famous […]

Spider-man Premiering At Eden With Weekend Event

Get ready for an exhilarating experience as Spider-Man swings his way to the Eden Cinemas and Eden Super Bowl! 🤩     To celebrate the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ at The Eden Cinemas on 2nd June, a thrilling event will be happening; ‘Spider-Man Family Weekend’ at The Eden Cinemas and Eden SuperBowl.    […]

Ħandaq Students Get Suspended Over Vandalism

Trouble at the Ħandaq School..   A group of secondary students from St Ignatius College in Qormi faced suspensions after a video depicting their destructive behavior in classrooms, including setting fire to a bin, went viral on social media.   Originally shared as an Instagram story, the video followed a prevalent TikTok trend speculating why […]

7 Best Camping Areas Around Malta

Its National Camping Month!     Discover Malta’s hidden gems through Camping… When seeking an extraordinary experience, traditional hotels may fall short. Explore the best type of camping that suits your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of this stunning country.   Dwejra   Mistra Għajn Tuffieħa     Comino   Aħrax […]

China Is Digging A 10,000m Hole Into The Earth’s Crust

Chinese scientists have started a ground-breaking project in China’s Xinjiang region.   They are drilling a 10,000-meter hole into the Earth’s crust. In order to reach the Earth’s cretaceous system, which contains rock formations dating back as far as 145 million years, this mammoth endeavor must travel through more than ten layers of rock. A […]

Malta Wins Gold In Female Table Tennis Team Event

Another victory for Malta!   Malta snatched the 11th gold medal and broke the 2003 record when the women’s Table Tennis team emerged victorious in the finals against Monaco. The match was intense, resulting in Malta securing the first and third sets, while Monaco claimed the second and fourth.   In the fifth and final […]

Love Island Malta App Misspells Andriy’s Name

love island android

Who would have thought Nicola was into Androids? 😅   Whoever opened the Love Island Malta App this morning found a shocking surprise as the Nicola and Andriy video had a funny typo in its title   They wrote “nicola and android have their first date”   Have you seen this typo? 🤣  

ITS Launches Brand New Prospectus For 2023/24

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) is excited to launch its updated prospectus! This offers a comprehensive range of study programs from Foundation Level to Master’s Degree.   The prospectus highlights various programs including Culinary Arts, Rooms Division, Events, Climate Friendly Travel, International Hospitality Management, Diving Safety Management, Tourist Guiding, Travel & Tourism, Heritage Interpretation, […]