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Nas Daily Shares New Historical Video About Malta

Prominent social media personality Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin, has shared a captivating video on Instagram highlighting Malta’s significant but often overlooked role in World War II. @nasdaily features a thought-provoking educational video about how Malta, a tiny island, was the most bombed country during the war. In the video, Nas Daily emphasizes […]

Tiktoker Features Vintage Maltese Businesses

A video posted by @danielvella2000 has gone viral in Malta! ❤️ The beautiful video shows old Maltese business fronts in a sequence. The video has gained 2.4K likes and 18K views! See the video here:

Children Cinema Day At Eden Cinema 22nd April

Celebrate Children Cinema Day on the 22nd of April at the Eden Cinemas! 😍   Pay only €3 for a child ticket and €5.50 for accompanying adults for the latest family movies until 7pm 💰   Movies showing include • The Super Mario Bros Movie • Mummies • Shazam 2 • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish […]

The KSU Student’s Fest In Photos: Alice In Bormla

  The KSU Student’s Fest show this weekend was a blast! 🐇🎩🍄🌹   Congrats to all the talented performers and crew who put on the amazing production of Alice in Bormla 🎉👏🎭                              

Breeder Attacked By His Own Dogs In Msida

  A dog breeder whose pit bulls killed his grandmother in 2020 has been hospitalized after being attacked by his own dogs on Monday morning. Andre Galea, who made headlines for the tragic incident last year, was reportedly attacked outside his residence in Msida. Neighbors heard screaming and cries for help around 1.30am and witnessed […]

South Korea Paying Lonely Youths €450 To Socialise

south korea teens lonely

  South Korea is taking steps to support young people who have become socially isolated with monetary incentives to re-enter society.     The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family recently announced that they will provide 650,000 Won (approximately €450) to these individuals to help support their psychological and emotional well-being.   According to the […]

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Spotted Kissing At Coachella

shawn camila kissing

  Fans of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were in for a surprise as the ex-couple were spotted sharing a passionate kiss at the Coachella music festival.     The two singers, who had a shock split over a year ago, were seen cozying up to each other during a performance on Friday evening. As […]