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The Busker Releases Music Video For Eurovision Entry

the busker music video

  This year’s music video might be the craziest one yet 😅     The Busker has just released the music video for ‘Dance (Our Own Party)’ which will represent our country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom 🎶     The music video features the members of The Busker; David, […]

Extremely Rare Albino Kangaroos Sighted In Australia

A herd of rare albino kangaroos has been observed resting at Panorama Garden Estate in Victoria, Australia.     The wildlife reserve documented the exceedingly uncommon encounter by posting photographs of the albino swarm on social media.     Albino kangaroos are occasionally misidentified as ‘white.’, in reality they get their appearance due to lack […]

Judge Orders Man To Pay Ex Wife 10k For Housework

Almost on time for woman’s day!       A man has been directed by Judge Laura Ruiz Alaminos to pay his former spouse, Ivana Moral, £180,000 (AUD $322,957) as compensation for 25 years of unpaid domestic labour, as per the Mirror.   The settlement was calculated based on the minimum wage of domestic work […]

7 Safe Countries For Women To Travel Solo

Safe Countries Women Travel Solo

Looking for countries to start your next solo adventure? Check out the top 7 safest countries we recommend for solo female travel.     Although nowhere can be 100% safe, these European countries were found to be safer and calmer than others.   Check out the countries here:   Finland     Belgium     […]

Oscar Nominees Receive Land In Their Goodie Bag This Year

You heard that right!       Distinctive Assets, a “niche marketing company” based in LA, sends out swag bags valued at around $126,000 to acting and directing nominees every year. The goodie bags, which are not associated with the Academy, include a variety of luxury items and experiences, such as a facelift, silk pillowcases, […]

Nick Cannon Launches Reality Show Where Women Compete To Have His Baby

Nick Cannon claims to have collaborated with Kevin Hart to create an odd new reality program.     The show will be called Who’s Having My Baby? where female competitors will compete for his next kid.   Cannon already has 12 children by six different women, one of which is his ex-wife Mariah Carey.   […]

Town In Italy Dunks It’s Politicians In River As Punishment

The City of Trento in Italy  an event called ‘Tonca’, which occurs every year in the second half of June.     Politicians are caged and dunked in the river as a method of punishment.     Famous figures from Trento who have disgraced themselves over the year are put on trial and those who […]

Kendall Jenner And Bad Bunny Spotted Kissing

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny made their relationship official on Tuesday evening by displaying public affection after having dinner with friends in West Hollywood.   In the photos, the 27-year-old model hugged and shared a romantic kiss with the 28-year-old rapper, marking the first time they were seen together and showed their affection. The intimate […]

Mae Muller Will Represent The UK In This Year’s Eurovision

mae muller eurovision

Looks like the UK is really ready to win 👀 Mae Muller just announced that she will be the act representing the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest 🎶     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Eurovision Song Contest (@eurovision) The radio-friendly song “I Wrote A Song” is written […]

Company In Malta First To Introduce Period Leave

malta period leave

Good news for all females! 💖   In celebration of International Women’s Day, yesterday, a group of companies in Malta known as WFDM Holdings has implemented menstrual leave for all its female employees.   The new policy will provide paid leave for up to twelve days each year for women who experience “painful and difficult” […]

Oldest Woman Alive Dies At Age 128

The family of Johanna Mazibuko, a woman who claimed to hold the title of the world’s oldest person, have confirmed that she passed away at the age of 128.       Mazibuko, a native of South Africa, was believed to have been born on May 11, 1894, making her a witness to three centuries […]