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Study Finds Working Irregular Shifts Can Age Your Brain By 6.5 Year

New studies show that working shifts can make it harder for people to think clearly and remember things. If someone does shift work for 10 years or more, it can make their brain seem 6.5 years older than it really is. This finding adds to other research that says working at odd hours can be […]

Woman Wears Funny Wigs To Hide Pink Hair From Work

Emily Benschoter faced a surprising request to conceal her pink hair after accepting a job offer. Determined to keep her position, the 29-year-old opted to wear wigs instead.     During her interview for a front-of-house role in the hospitality sector, the meeting was not conducted in person or via video, leaving the interviewer unaware […]

Malta Offers 4-Day Work Week For Public Officers

Malta’s Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary has introduced a new program called the ‘Flexi-Week’ scheme.   This will allow public officers to request a four-day working week while maintaining their current number of hours.   Under this scheme, officers can spread their hours over four ten-hour shifts instead of the traditional five eight-hour shifts. […]