We’re looking for a New Sales Executive To Join The team

  Are you good with people? Do you see yourself as a good negotiator and a driven individual?   If that’s a yes, then we want you to join our Sales team at 89.7 Bay!   We’re looking for a fresh face to join the 89.7 Bay Sales team as our newest Sales Executive. If […]

Non-Smokers Get 6 Days Extra Paid Leave

Paid leave smokers

6 days extra paid leave >> cigarette breaks A company in Japan decided to take action on employees who take frequent smoke break at work.   Following a complaint about how smoke breaks were affecting productivity, this company granted non-smoking staff an additional six days off each year to make up for the time smokers […]

Women Offered 3-Day Menstrual Leave In Spain

  Spain is the first Western country to offer menstrual leave for women suffering from period pains while at work. This is set to be capped at three days per month.   The Spanish government will approve the measure next week. Other countries in the world already grant menstrual leave, including Japan,  South Korea, Indonesia […]

Malta One Of The Safest Countries For Workers

  A study conducted by UK health and safety consultancy firm, Arinite, has found that Iceland, Malta, and San Marino are the three safest countries for workers.     The study analysed data on occupational fatalities by the ILO, National Safety Council, and Elsevier Ltd. It then revealed the global fatality rate of economic activities […]

Local Nurses Quitting At A Rate Of Three A Week

  Roughly three nurses are quitting their jobs at Mater Dei Hospital every week, as union chief Paul Pace has stated.     Several nurses are resigning from their jobs to work in the UK and Ireland, where foreign nurses are being welcomed with free accommodation, better pay, and promised citizenship for themselves and their […]

It’s Now Illegal For Your Boss To Message You After Hours in Portugal

  Portugal is changing the game as it looks to bring remote workers a healthier work-life balance under new labour laws approved by the country’s parliament.     This comes after remote working boomed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party explained. Under these new rules, employers could actually face […]

This Job Will Pay You To Eat Cheese & Drink Wine

  Have our prayers been answered?     Honestly, the best way to stuff your face while still feeling elegant is through feasting on wine and charcuterie boards. It’s the perfect balance of indulgence and class… AND it gets even better because Cartwright and Butler are willing to pay you for it!     View […]

Which type of Maltese office worker are you?

When you spend the majority of your day at work, you spend a lot of time dealing with colleagues. Some you like, some you don’t, but do you have any of these characters in your office or work place? 1. The Office Mamma Bear Ever wondered what your nanna was like when she was younger? […]

Prince Charles’ youth training scheme starts in Malta

Prince Charles’ charity for youngsters has officially kicked off in Malta. The Prince’s Trust aims to develop young people’s skills and supports them into work. A number of Maltese businesses have signed up for the charity’s ‘Get Into’ programme, which will offer six week courses to help youngsters gain ‘real world’ work experience. Prince Charles announced […]