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Elyse Wins This Year’s Edition Of Liquorish

In a thrilling season finale, the winner of the highly popular reality adventure TV show, Liquorish, was finally unveiled 🌍   After weeks of intense challenges, heart-pounding twists, and fierce competition, Elyse Penza emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title as the ultimate adventurer.   From the very beginning of the season, Elyse captivated audiences with […]

Francesca Curmi Beats Junior French Open Winner

Francesca Curmi shines on the tennis court 🎾   Maltese tennis player Francesca Curmi showcased her exceptional skills on the court yesterday, as she triumphed over Lucie Havlickova, the Junior French Open Winner in 2022. Curmi’s victory demonstrates her growing prowess and cements her position as a formidable force in the tennis world.   Hailing […]

Sweden Wins This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest

sweden eurovision 2023 loreen

  Loreen from Sweden has once again proven to be a true Eurovision champion, winning the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest with her electrifying song ‘Tattoo.’ The singer had been a favourite to win from the very beginning, and she did not disappoint.   This is not Loreen’s first time winning the contest, having won it […]