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Wife Says Women Must Stay Home To Care For Husband

A self-proclaimed ‘traditional wife,’ who once aspired to a thriving medical career, has ignited a debate with her perspectives on matrimony.   Linda Andrade has garnered attention and stirred discussions among her followers by revealing that she has ‘never been responsible for a single bill’ as her husband Ricky solely manages their finances.   Characterizing […]

Wife Says Breastfeeding Her Husband Helps Them Bond

Wife Breastfeeding Husband

  Rachel Bailey confessed that she breastfeeds her husband Alexander which made their marriage even stronger.     They started this habit back in 2016 while they were away on cruise and she forgot her breast pump at home.   Rachel was badly engorged for two days and was scared about getting an infection. Therefore, […]

Waitress Recieves Savage Note From An Angry Wife

Waitress Savage Note Wife

  This woman’s tip was a feisty piece of advice.     A waitress received a nasty note from one of her customers that recently went viral. On the bill, the customer angrily wrote “don’t call my husband sweetheart.”   This note sparked some debate on social media and many sided with the waitress.   […]