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Chinese Company Requires Interviewees To Wear Masks

One organization in China has gained much praise for its weird but oddly smart recruitment technique.     Chengdu Ant Logistics required their interviewees to wear costume masks to their interviews to reduce discrimination based on looks.   Candidate Zeng, who shot and postsed the videos found the situations quite strange compared to other interviews […]

Woman Spends €8K To Be Told Her Cat Is Just ‘Weird’

A student spent an absolute fortune just to be told her cat is ‘weird’    The 23-year-old was worried after her cat; ‘Moose’ was breathing very strangely with about 100 breaths per minute.   After going to the vet and spending about €8,000 on tests and examinations, it was concluded that Moose’s problem was that […]

Professional Partier Gets Paid To Drink Every Night

  Imagine never having to experience a hangover… A professional drinker who is paid to down pints every night claims to never experience a hangover in addition to having the ultimate job.     A bar manager named Danielle Walsh, 34, after she displayed her incredible ability to down drinks in a matter of seconds […]

Parents Give Baby 27 Middle Names After Friends Pick One Each

In Malta it’s quite common to have quite a few middle names, but the parents of baby Rain took it a step further when it came to middle names!         Patrick Dieter, father of Rain, said that Rain was born in the 70’s at the peak of the couple’s ‘hippy’ phase. By […]

Top 6 Weirdest Ice Cream Toppings

  Some of us like to get a little adventurous when visiting an ice cream parlor… Try one of these 6 most popular unusual toppings the next time you enjoy a few scoops of frozen pleasure – Don’t dismiss any of these options before you try them, you might be surprised by how much you […]

Pet Owners Make Tiny Sliders Out Of Pets’ Fur

  A trend circling around on TikTok is showing pet owners using their pets’ hair to create different accessories ranging from tiny “Nike” sliders for cats and tiny sombreros for guinea pigs.     This TikTok shows one user’s process of assembling the tiny “Nike” sliders for her cat using her cat’s fur.     […]

Teacher Wears Tight Morph Suit to School, Leading to An Investigation

  Let me start this by saying I genuinely hope there was some good intention behind this, but I face palmed so hard that it’s hard not to see what’s wrong with this situation. Teacher Martyn Tunstall wanted to surprise his students on World Book Day, but instead of going for the typical Harry Potter, […]

Woman Who Had COVID Now Says All Food Tastes Like ‘Garbage & Sewage’

  A woman who recovered from COVID says she now developed a condition that makes food taste just like ‘garbage’.     Natalia Cano from America, 20, thought she was an ‘anomaly’ when she started noticing the bizarre side-effect from the virus. After doing some research, she found out that she wasn’t the only one […]