How To Mind Your Own Business

#1 Avoid commenting on people’s weight       #2 Avoid making comments about people’s scars       #3 Stop talking about “summer bodies” – they don’t exist       #4 Avoid commenting on how much or how little people are eating at social events       #5 Avoid staring at people […]

Maltese People Are Ready To Lose Weight If The Government Pays Them To

  Local studies have shown that most of the Maltese population who are overweight are ready to lose weight if the Government pays them €25 for every kilo they lose.     This comes since Malta has the highest rate of obesity in the EU. It is estimated that there are 300,000 people who are […]

Glass of wine or two before bed ‘can help weight loss’

Is it too early to be talking about wine? Possibly – but if you need a little motivation to get you through the day, then this could be it. If you’ve ever felt a little twinge of guilt about the calorific content of a glass of wine, then new findings from the University of Alberta […]

Malta’s shocking child obesity crisis revealed

The number of obese children in Malta’s schools is higher than ever. Shocking new research has discovered a staggering 40 per cent of kids are clinically obese. The survey found that four of out 10 children between aged between three and 16 were overweight for their age. It is the first time that such a study […]