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Student Leaves Uni & Earns Thousands Selling Her Spit

Student Uni Selling Spit

  Not us re-thinking our life choices!     Latiesha Jones, 22, from Manchester, always wanted to be a doctor and went to college to study biomedical science, but everything changed when she learned about an alternative source of income.   Now that she is earning thousands every week from selling bottles of her spit […]

Service Dog Gets Diploma For Attending All Uni Classes

Dog Diploma Uni Classes

  On Monday, May 22, Justin, a service dog, earned a diploma when his owner graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.     According to the institution, Justin went to all of Grace Mariani’s classes as she pursued a degree in elementary and special education.     Mariani and Justin both made an […]

Chinese Uni Gives Students A Week To Fall In Love

Chinese Uni Students Love

  During a weeklong spring break in April, nine vocational colleges in China want their students to go out and find love.     This revelation was made as a result of China’s rapidly declining birth rate, and they are making every effort to combat it.   In addition to writing a growth report, students […]