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Chinese Uni Gives Students A Week To Fall In Love

Chinese Uni Students Love

  During a weeklong spring break in April, nine vocational colleges in China want their students to go out and find love.     This revelation was made as a result of China’s rapidly declining birth rate, and they are making every effort to combat it.   In addition to writing a growth report, students […]

University of Malta Students Protest Against Campus Hub

campus hub

  University students and organisations gathered around Campus Hub building on Friday to protest against the hyper-commercialisation of campus life.   The issue came about ever since Campus Hub announced the new parking tariffs and students saw a significant increase from a €2 flat rate to €6.50 for anytime between five and 13 hours. After […]

Students Rage As Campus Hub Increases Parking Fee

Campus Hub just announced its new Car Park Tariffs and it is safe to say that the majority of University students are disappointed by the news 💸   Students will now be charged by the hour and it will only be free if one parks for 15 minutes or 2 hours when purchasing items from […]

You Can Now Apply For A Uni Course On Harry Styles

harry course

Texas State University is about to start teaching the world’s first university level course on Harry Styles’ work.   The course is called ‘Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity’, and will basically explore the famous singer and popular European culture to better understand the development of the modern celebrity. Would you apply? 

University Students Offered To Study Hardcore Pornography

  University students can actually start studying hardcore pornography – yes, you heard that right!   Westminster College in Utah, USA are running this course for the first time ever. This course requires students to sit down with their lecturers and watch x-rated movies together.     The course description states: “We will watch pornographic […]

UM Students Still Required To Wear Masks

  Masks guidelines have been published but tertiary students still have no confirmation.   The new document for the Guidelines of the Education sector states that; “It will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask in schools.” Furthermore, “individuals are free to make their own assessment of risk for themselves and for their children.” […]