Tom Felton Says He’d Be Up For Starring In A Harry Potter TV Series

Tom Felton As Draco Malfoy

Tom Felton hopes that Harry Potter is brought back as a TV series, and would be passionate about starring in it!     “Over 10 years ago when we finished the last film we certainly expected – or I certainly expected – things to sort of die down in popularity”, admitted Felton. He said he […]

7 Korean & Japanese Series To Watch If You Liked Squid Game

  Netflix’s hit Korean drama Squid Game has taken the world by storm in the latter half of 2021, but now that that the hype’s dying down, we’ve got a handful of similar, Korean & Japanese series for you to watch!   Hellbound     Hellbound recently took over Squid Game as the most popular […]

WATCH: Peaky Blinders Share First Look At Final Season

  It’s official: The sixth and final season of the crime drama, Peaky Blinders finally wrapped filming in June after many delays due to the pandemic, as a crew member had tested positive…     Director Anthony Byrne informed fans with a teaser that features Cillian Murphy in a black overcoat with the caption “We’re […]

10 Of The Highest-Grossing TV Series Of All Time

  November 21st marks World Television Day, commemorating the first United Nations World Television Forum held in 1996! The forum was held to discuss the increasing importance of television in today’s changing world and today, in honour of that, we’ll be breaking down 10 of the best TV series of all time!     Game […]

Game of Thrones reveals start date of final series

It’s the news many of us in Malta and Gozo have been waiting for. The premiere date for season eight of Game of Thrones has finally been revealed. But we hate to break it to you that there are still a couple of months to wait. The final series of the epic fantasy drama series […]