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5Y/O Uses Alexa To Buy A Jacuzzi & Spend £1K In Toys

Dad Son Jacuzzi Toys

  This dad was left shocked after finding out his 5-year-old son used Alexa to order a hot tub and nearly £1,000 worth of toys.   TikToker Tucker Bohman shared this story online and said that since the device was hooked up with his account, his son could add and order anything he wanted.   […]

LEGO To Make Braille-Coded Bricks For Visual Impairments

Lego, the Danish toymaker, is launching braille-coded bricks to aid blind and partially sighted kids in learning the tactile alphabet.   These unique bricks, developed in collaboration with global blind organizations, have been given to select schools and services for vision-impaired children since 2020.   Starting next month, these braille bricks will be available for […]