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Cold Temperatures Make You Burn More Calories

Do you know anyone who is always cold? While it’s true that your body burns more calories in cold weather due to thermogenesis, the increase might not be as substantial as you’d hope. The additional calorie expenditure varies from person to person and depends on several factors. Spending extended periods in chilly environments naturally leads […]

Temperatures To Hit 30•C In Malta Next Week

Get your sunscreen out!     According to a projection from the Meteorological Office, temperatures in Malta are expected to reach a high of 33°C by Wednesday.   With calm breezes and limited cloud cover, temperatures are predicted to steadily rise starting on Friday, reaching 29°C during the weekend and continuing to rise into next […]

Earth Is Reaching Record Breaking Temperature Limit

In the upcoming years, our overheated world is more likely to exceed the critical temperature threshold, according to scientists.   By 2027, there is a 66% likelihood that the 1.5°C global warming target would have been exceeded, thanks in part to the increase in emissions and predicted changes in weather patterns. Even if the breach […]