Top 5 Sunset Spots In Malta & Gozo


  There is nothing quite so peaceful, so beautiful or so magical, as watching the sun slowly slip behind the distant horizon.   If you find yourself in the mood to watch the sunset this evening in Malta, you will definitely want to find the best place to watch the day end in style. With […]

Photographer Captures ‘Angel With Wings’ During Beautiful Sunset

Sunset angel

  An amateur photographer managed to capture a breathtaking picture of the sunset featuring what looks like an angel with wings.   56-year-old Stuart Murray actually caught this image on his smartphone while watching the sunset near his home in Scotland. This was around 9.45pm after the water and the sun merged at just the […]

10 of the greatest Xlendi sunsets you’ll ever see

Who doesn’t love to sit and watch the sun go down? The best thing about sunsets is that you’re never going to see two that are completely alike, even if you sit at exactly the same spot every day. One of the best places to watch Mother Nature put on her nightly display is at […]

10 amazing photos of Malta’s ‘most stunning sunset of 2019’

marsalforn sunset

Malta has been treated to ‘the most stunning sunset of 2019’ after a miserable day of thunder and rain. Instagrammers in Malta got snap-happy with many sharing photos of the gloriois golden skyline as the sun went down on Monday evening. Here’s our round-up of the best pictures of Monday incredible sunset in Malta and […]

20 images of Malta’s ‘most beautiful sunset ever’

This was the incredible view of sunset over Malta that some described as the ‘most beautiful’ they had ever seen. Scores of people took to social media to share their snaps of a warm orange glow over Malta as the sun sunk beneath the horizon. Instagram users said the scene was the ‘most incredible’ and […]

The 10 best spots to watch sunrise in Malta

Looking to get some extra likes on your social media? With its stunning scenery, Malta already provides a gorgeous backdrop for all your Instagram adventures. Still, the landscape takes on a golden glow when the sun rises over Marsaxlokk and Valletta in the morning and then sets over Mellieha and Gozo in the evening. Being […]

Malta wakes to a spectacular red, pink and orange sunrise

Malta is always beautiful. But if you were up with the early birds on Tuesday morning, you’d have caught a glimpse of one of the most spectacular sunrises we’ve seen in a long while! The sky above was simply magical as people in Malta started their day, with vibrant shades of orange, pink and violet across […]

The most breathtaking sunsets over Malta revealed

It happens every single day, but somehow a sunset never loses its allure. Nature’s version of a supermodel, they look divine from every angle, against any backdrop. One thing is for sure: you can’t beat a Maltese sunset. 89.7 Bay fans have captured some stunning sunset shots over Malta and Gozo this year. These striking […]

10 pictures that prove Malta is the best place on Earth for sunsets

When the sun sets in Malta magical things happen. The already stunning landscape is given new life under the vivid colours as the day draws to a close. Whether it is falling over the Valletta skyline or it is glistening on the water at Xlendi Bay in Gozo, the sun and Malta have wed to […]

Epic Malta sunset features on Bing search engine

Malta has been featured on the homepage of one of the world’s most popular search engines. sported a stunning full-screen image of sunset over Mellieha. The breathtaking image was captured by London-based landscape photographer Zoltan Gabor. The website caption read: ‘Mellieha, Malta, glows just after sunset.’ Bing, the web search engine from Microsoft, is […]

Tonight’s sunset over Malta is a truly beautiful sight

Even by its own ridiculously high standards, tonight’s sunset over Malta has been particularly stunning. We’ve been treated to some beautiful views from social media users of the sun going down over the Maltese Islands. Here, we take a look at some of the best pictures of Malta’s sunset on Saturday night. 1. Sunset from Mtarfa […]