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KSU Bringing Therapy Dogs For Studying Students At Uni

therapy dogs ksu

Pawsitive vibes only 🐾 In a thoughtful initiative to support students during their exam preparations, KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) & Faculty for Social Wellbeing organized a heartwarming event at the University of Malta today. Therapy dogs were brought to campus, offering a calming and stress-relieving presence to the studying students, helping them maintain focus and […]

KSU Speak Out & Promise To Help Arrested Students

ksu helping students

  KSU released a statement 📱   In response to yesterday’s news, KSU posted a statement on their Facebook page today, expressing their support for the students and promising to provide them with all the necessary help and support they require. The university has also assured the public that it is taking steps to ensure […]

FreeHour Gets 4 Students Arrested For Exposing Security Flaws On Their App

freehour app security breach

  What do you think about this? 🤔     Four University of Malta computer science students who discovered a security flaw in Malta’s largest student application, FreeHour, are being investigated by the police.       The students had identified a flaw that could lead to a potential leak of users’ private data, including […]

Chinese Uni Gives Students A Week To Fall In Love

Chinese Uni Students Love

  During a weeklong spring break in April, nine vocational colleges in China want their students to go out and find love.     This revelation was made as a result of China’s rapidly declining birth rate, and they are making every effort to combat it.   In addition to writing a growth report, students […]

KSU Careers Expo Is Back For 2023!

  The KSU Careers Expo is back again for this year!   Get ready to meet 30+ companies from various industries at the KSU-PwC Malta Careers Expo, taking place in the heart of the University of Malta over 3 days.   Sip on some coffee courtesy of Kokka Cafe’ ☕, grab some freebies, and chat […]

KSU Launch TEDx Event With University Of Malta

  TEDx is coming to Malta!   Malta, a country steeped in history and tradition, is often seen as a crossroads between the past and the present. As a small island nation with a rich cultural heritage, it is important to understand the essence of who we are as Maltese. This includes our roots, quirks, […]

Uni Lecturer Accused Of Selling Meth To Students

University Lecturer Meth Students

  A US professor has been accused of running his own ‘Breaking Bad’ style crystal meth operation.     The professor, 65-year-old Sergey Macharet was arrested on 1st February after complaints were made to the police by women who said they were approached by him.   Apparently, he wasn’t just selling crystal meth, but also […]

IHG Academy Giving Jobs & Internships To ITS Students

  Hey, you know what’s pretty cool? The IHG Academy!   It’s a win-win for ITS students: they get to make some dough while they study, and they also get the chance to work at InterContinental Malta or other hotels in the IHG network. Plus, it’s actually a requirement for some courses.   One of […]

Malta Trust Fixing Old Laptops For Kids In Need

malta trust fund old laptops

Got any abandoned laptops lying around? 💻   A recent survey found that over 11,000 pupils presently lack the means to keep up with contemporary digital learning, which is why NGO Malta Trust Foundation is requesting that people donate their used laptops and gadgets.   The Malta Trust Foundation is looking to collect used laptops, […]

Students Rage As Campus Hub Increases Parking Fee

Campus Hub just announced its new Car Park Tariffs and it is safe to say that the majority of University students are disappointed by the news 💸   Students will now be charged by the hour and it will only be free if one parks for 15 minutes or 2 hours when purchasing items from […]

ITS Students Win 3 Medals In 6 European Competitions

ITS Students Medals Competitions

  Last week, 6 ITS students represented Malta as they travelled to Senigallia, Italy to participate in 6 different competitions.     Mariah Ruggier, Jeremy Falzon, Jeremy Grech, Kylie Bonnici, Jael Ellul and Benn Elizar Roque were the students who participated in the Pastry, Culinary Arts, Tourist Destination, Restaurant Service, Cocktail and Front Office competitions. […]

The KSU Freshers’ Week Is Back For 2022

  The KSU Freshers’ Week is back & bigger than ever for 2022!   Check out some of the most important things that you shouldn’t miss out on, happening this Freshers’ at Uni below:   1. Get your Parking Permit Unless you want a shining bright yellow accessory (a.k.a. the clamp) attached to your car, […]

Study Finds That Studying With Music On Gets You Better Grades

studying with music

  Time to grab those headphones 🎧     According to recent studies, students who listen to music while studying perform better academically 📚     A recent study suggests that in addition to books, notebooks, pens, and pencils, music may also help kids get better scores. OnePoll, a market research firm, polled 2,000 Americans […]

Junior College Introducing 4-Year Courses For Working Students

Junior College

  After noticing the increase in Junior College students struggling to study and work at the same time, the college has decided to introduce 4-year courses instead of the 2-year courses primarily offered.     16-year-old students who start their Junior College experience were facing difficulties with their studies, saying that not working wasn’t an […]

5 Study Tips For This Exam Season

  Exams are just around the corner, the most challenging time of the college/university experience, with so much to study in limited time.   Follow these effective study tips which help to reduce stress while also improving your grades.     1. Do not skip lectures   It is not just about attending but also […]

University Students Offered To Study Hardcore Pornography

  University students can actually start studying hardcore pornography – yes, you heard that right!   Westminster College in Utah, USA are running this course for the first time ever. This course requires students to sit down with their lecturers and watch x-rated movies together.     The course description states: “We will watch pornographic […]