Stormy weather damages Malta to Gozo water main

Gale-force winds and ferocious waves have hit the Malta to Gozo water main. The Water Services Corporation confirmed that the stormy weather had damaged the underwater pipe halfway between Marfa and Comino. A spokesman said: ‘Despite the damage, the corporation will ensure that until the necessary repairs are done, the water supply in Gozo will be […]

Sea rises and floods streets in Marsascala!

Winter is here and it’s bringing crazy weather with it! Strong winds and heavy rain has caused sea levels to rise in Marsascala to the extent that it has flooded the streets in the vicinity. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. The weather only seems to be getting crazier by the second, so […]

Storm Gareth batters UK with heavy rain and gales

Storm Gareth’s strong winds and heavy rain have been causing disruption, with rail and road links across the country affected. The British Met Office issued two yellow warnings for high winds covering Northern Ireland, Wales, most of England and the west coast of Scotland. Winds of over 120kmph were seen widely across western parts of […]

Malta’s worst storm for 37 years ‘reached hurricane levels’

Malta was battered by hurricane-force winds at the weekend, the Met Office has confirmed. It said the terrifying winds reached speeds of 133km/h at 4am on Sunday, leaving behind a trail of destruction. According to the Beaufort Scale, winds faster than 118km/h are classified as hurricane level. Meanwhile the Prime Minister told Parliament that the storm […]

Clean-up begins after record-breaking storm hits Malta

A massive clean-up operation has begun after record-breaking gale force winds battered the Maltese Islands, leaving a trail of destruction. Gusts of 101 km/h were recorded on Sunday during one of the wildest weekends Malta has ever seen. The force of the storm was so strong it resembled an earthquake, according to seismologists at the University […]

It’s official: Malta suffers its stormiest month ever

October will go down in history in Malta. Last month was officially the stormiest month ever with 16 days of thunder and lightning across the Maltese Islands. The Met Office in Luqa said the record was previously shared by two months – October 1962 and November 1986, both of which had 12 thundery days. Most of […]

Dramatic lightning storm lights up Malta’s night sky

A powerful thunder and lightening storm hit Malta last night – and while it left some homes without power it also provided some stunning visual images that were captured around the island. Dramatic pictures flooded social media, showing lighting bolts across the skyline in both Malta and Gozo. Photographer Sam Scicluna captured a series of […]

Electrifying photos show lightning strikes off Malta

This is the electrifying moment lightning filled the sky off Malta as forecasters warn of more thunderstorms ahead. Photographer Adel Ferrito, 39, from Tarxien grabbed his camera when he heard the loud thunder and lightning early on Friday morning. He rushed outside to capture the spectacular lightning off the Maltese coast. Adel told 89.7 Bay that […]