Tuesday will be Malta’s warmest day of the year so far

Tuesday is set to be the warmest day of the year so far in Malta, the Met Office has confirmed. Temperatures are expected to hit at least 26°C, and could feel as warm as as 28°C, according to forecasters. And that’s just the start of the good news, with the next coming days expected to […]

Did you remember? Malta’s clocks spring forward

Summer is just around the corner in Malta as the clocks have gone forward this weekend. Days will start to grow longer while the clock change allows for more light in the evenings. The move means we lost an hour between Saturday and Sunday. An easy way to remember whether the clocks are going backwards […]

The 10 best places to watch sunset in Malta

Summer is almost here and Malta is basking in the sunshine again. Sure, the island’s Instagrammers enjoyed capturing the stormy weather across Malta and Gozo for a while, but nothing brightens up your feed quite like a sunset. Sunset in Malta is a gorgeous free spectacle that deserves to be witnessed. From Malta’s best-known beaches […]