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Grandma, Mum And Daughter Often Mistaken For Sisters

Grandma Daughter Sisters

  65-year-old bodybuilder Lesley Maxwell, her daughter Vanessa Christofi and her granddaughter Tia Christofi who’s 22 years old are often mistaken as sisters.     It’s not just their facial features that make them look alike, but even their fashion sense.   This iconic trio even share their own wardrobes with each other.     […]

Iconic Sisters We Love From Maltese T.V. Shows

Sisters Maltese T.V. Shows

  Which local T.V. sisters were your favourite?   From Strada Stretta to One Star Hotel, these iconic sisters were the highlight of Maltese television.   So what better way to remind you of some of our favourites than on World Sister’s Day.   Check them out below: