Wildlife photographer of the year winner is announced

The winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been announced. It was a photo of two adult male lions, thought to be brothers, nuzzling together which earned the winner the title. David Lloyd took the photo as the animals greeted each other by rubbing faces for about 30 seconds. He said: ‘I’m so pleased […]

10 pictures of Malta that will take your breath away

There are so many things that make Malta special: the sights, the people, the weather and everything in between. Nothing captures the beauty of our island better than a camera – and these stunning pictures of Malta almost need no introduction. Professional photographer Fritz Grimm moved to Malta from his native Germany in 2012 and […]

Malta’s top photographer celebrates World Photo Day

Malta’s top photographer has celebrated World Photography Day by taking a series of stunning snaps. Daniel Cilia spent the whole of Saturday capturing incredible pictures of Gozo – using just his trusty iPhone camera. He told 89.7 Bay: ‘All the photos were done with a smartphone and no DSLR. ‘They were all taken and posted […]

Can you identify these 13 Maltese landmarks from the air?

These incredible images show Malta as you’ve never seen it before. Captured by remote-controlled drones, the photos show Malta in all its glory from high in the sky. Three of Malta’s most talented drone photographers Giuseppe Attard, Mark Cassar and Alex Turnbull have shared their favourite images on social media. But are you able to identify […]