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This Penis-Shaped Island Is In The Pacific Ocean

Penis Shaped Island

  This weird island was discovered by a woman called Joleen Vultaggio while surfing Google maps.   This penis-shaped island can be found in the Trinity Islands in the Pacific Ocean.     Joleen shared this island on a group named Google Earth Superfans saying: “I was looking around the Trinity Islands, and it just […]

Photographer From A Town Named ‘Dildo’ Finds Penis-Shaped Iceberg

Photographer Dildo Penis Iceberg

  Very suspicious!     A phallic-shaped iceberg off the Canadian province of Newfoundland was captured on camera by a resident of the town of “Dildo.”   The images were taken by photographer Ken Pretty, who posted a message on his Facebook page in hopes of some comments.  

Giant Penis Draw On Royal Lawn Day Before Coronation

Ahead of the King’s Coronation taking place tomorrow, a 30-foot phallic symbol has been mowed onto the lawn of the Royal Crescent, leaving residents and passersby shocked.     The identity of the person responsible for creating the symbol remains a mystery.   The incident occurred just days before street parties, picnics, and gatherings are […]