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Nas Daily Meets Horse Rescuer Corinne Farrugia

nas daily corinne farrugia

  In his latest video about Malta, Nas Daily interviewed Corinne Farrugia, the President of RMJ’s Horse Rescue, for his final feature on the island. The one-minute video highlights Corrine’s passion for horses and her efforts to rescue and care for them despite not being wealthy.     Nas Daily shared that Corrine started rescuing […]

Nas Daily Features Malta’s Order Of Malta Passport

  Once again, Nas Daily has released a new video regarding Malta, this time shedding light on the “rarest passport in the world”.     In the video, he reveals that only 500 people worldwide possess this passport, which is held by The Order of Malta – a group of Catholic humanitarians that has been […]

Nas Daily Shares New Historical Video About Malta

Prominent social media personality Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin, has shared a captivating video on Instagram highlighting Malta’s significant but often overlooked role in World War II. @nasdaily features a thought-provoking educational video about how Malta, a tiny island, was the most bombed country during the war. In the video, Nas Daily emphasizes […]