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Study Finds Napping Can Actually Boost Your Creativity

Study Napping Boost Creativity

  MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that the mind is “particularly fertile” during the first few minutes of sleep, the initial period of sleep when a person floats between being awake and asleep.     According to research, persons who were given this prompting, also known as “targeted dream incubation,” produced more imaginative […]

These Otters Napping All Together Will Make Your Day

🌊😴 Serenity in Unity 🌞🦦   :   A harmonious gathering of otters finds respite from their playful adventures and succumbs to the allure of a shared naptime. Nestled together on a sun-drenched outcrop, these adorable marine mammals embody the essence of serenity and the power of camaraderie. For those wondering why they sleep with […]