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2030 World Cup Will Be Hosted In 6 Countries

  Not one to be missed ⚽     The 2030 Men’s FIFA World Cup is gearing up for a truly global experience, spanning six countries scattered across three different continents. This upcoming tournament is going to be quite a spectacle!   Spain, Portugal, and Morocco are going to be the main hosts of this […]

Eeetwell Donating All Sales Between Today & Tomorrow

Well done for the initiative ❤   In light of the tragic flood in Libya and earthquake in Morocco, eeetwell stands in unwavering solidarity with the affected communities, extending our deepest condolences to those who have endured the loss of loved ones and homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors as they embark […]

Moroccan Footballers Donate Blood To Earthquake Victims

  A kind gesture after a horrific event❤️     Morocco’s national football team donated blood for victims impacted by the recent 6.8 magnitude earthquake.   The team postponed their African Cup of Nations qualifying match against Liberia in order to help with relief efforts during this difficult period for the country and its people.