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Man Travels Across Japan To Propose With GPS Drawing

Man Japan Propose GPS

  Yasushi Takahashi travelled throughout Japan for six months without seeing his girlfriend in order to plan an unforgettable marriage proposal.     Yassan travelled 7,163.7 km while using a GPS, usually on foot but also occasionally by car, ferry, and bicycle.   He downloaded the information into Google Maps when he got home, and […]

WATCH: Aquarium Toilet In Japan Goes Viral On TikTok

Aquarium Toilet Japan TikTok

  How would you feel using the bathroom with fish looking at you?     There is a café in Akashi, Japan, that has a unique bathroom inside of an aquarium filled with rare fish and turtles. This incredible toilet swept social media by storm and left all our jaws dropped.   This one-of-a-kind restroom allows cafe customers to enjoy the company of lovely fish and even a friendly turtle as they take care of their […]