6 Social Media Self-Care Tips

#1 Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad       #2 Post and comment with kindness       #3 Remember you don’t have to reply to people straight away       #4 Follow people that educate and inspire you       #5 Social media is not reality, stop comparing     […]

Russia Set To Launch Their Own Version Of Instagram

  Russia is set to launch their own version of Instagram called ‘Rossgram’ after the social media app was banned by the Kremlin.   The app is planned to launch on the 28th of March and is totally inspired by the popular social media app ‘Instagram. The images of the app revealed on Rossgram’s website […]

WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Shares Iconic Video For Instagram Milestone

  Cristiano Ronaldo recently shared an iconic video of himself celebrating his Instagram milestone.     He dedicated a message for his fans to thank them for helping him become the first person to reach 400 million followers on Instagram. In the video, the footballer even slipped his iconic ‘Siuuuu’ to celebrate this milestone. For […]

App Gives Away $2K To Quit Social Media For 2 Months

  Ever heard of a social media app that pays you thousands for quitting social media? Well the app Uptime is doing just that.     Uptime want to discover how social media impacts an individual’s productivity, wellbeing and self-growth. They announced this challenge on their social media saying “We’re looking for someone to go […]

Top 10 Instagram Spots In Malta & Gozo

  Without a doubt, Malta can be an Instagram heaven if you know what to look for – and we’re here to help you with that! From stunning views to grand architecture and beautiful beaches, there are so many things to capture. These are the top 10 instagram spots in Malta and Gozo, according to […]

Singer Jessie J Suffers Pregnancy Loss After Deciding To Have Her Own Baby

  Taking to Instagram, UK singer Jessie J revealed that she suffered a pregnancy loss after hiding her pregnancy from her fans, writing, ‘I’m still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming. But I know I am strong, and I know I will be ok’.     In her emotional post, the 33-year-old singer shared that […]

Facebook Emulates Zoom with the Launch of Messenger Rooms, among Other Updates

  Over its history, Facebook has always had the tendency of expanding or adding features to emulate major competitors – and the recent one is the app-of-the-moment, Zoom. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that it is launching a new app called Messenger Rooms. This was announced alongside other major updates which we have all […]

Instagram goes down for hundreds of Maltese users

Hundreds of Instagram users in Malta and Gozo have complained that the photo sharing app is not working. Most reported that the news feed was not loading, while others said their stories and logins had been affected. Users in North America, Britain and parts of Europe have also complained of problems. It’s reported the photo-sharing app […]

Twitter is to ban political advertising worldwide

Twitter is banning all political advertising on the social media platform. Chief executive Jack Dorsey has tweeted that the social media site will ban all political ads globally starting next month. He said social media companies give advertisers ‘an unfair advantage’ in spreading ‘highly targeted, misleading messages.’ The new policy, which will come into force from […]

WATCH: James Arthur praises Maltese teenager’s singing skills

A Maltese teenager is on cloud nine after her singing skills were praised by X Factor sensation James Arthur.  Ela Cachia, 16, covered the chart star’s 2013 hit Recovery and posted the video on her Instagram. The former X Factor winner, 31, soon spotted it and shared it on his page, making Ela’s day. He told […]

Revealed: Malta’s most Instagrammed places this summer

Malta has been an Instagram heaven this summer. From stunning views to grand architecture and beautiful beaches, there have been so many things to capture. Instagram vice-president Andrew Royal told 89.7 Bay: ‘Instagram is all about passion. Users tend to share photographs that detail only the beautiful moments in their lives. ‘Compared to a popularity […]

10 top Malta photographers to follow on Instagram

Malta is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most photogenic islands, and nowhere is that more obvious than on Instagram. Forget fashion influencers and foodies, it’s our stunning Xlendi sunsets, beautiful Golden Bay views and adorable narrow lanes in Mdina and Vittoriosa that pull in the followers from all over the world. As one of the most […]

Instagram currently removing number of ‘likes’ in Malta

In a big move which could change the nature of social media, Instagram are slowly removing the number of likes from users’ accounts here in Malta.  This means that while you will still be able to see the number of likes your posts garnered, the public won’t.   Instagram first implemented this change as an […]

Phil Neville calls for social media boycott to combat racist abuse

England Women head coach Phil Neville is calling on the “football community” to boycott social media platforms until they do more to tackle racism. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham and Reading’s Yakou Meite have all recently received online racist abuse. Neville: ‘Twitter won’t do anything about it, Instagram won’t do anything […]

Instagram starts HIDING likes from your followers

Instagram has started hiding likes as part of a trial aimed at removing ‘the pressure’ and shifting the focus to ‘sharing the things’ its users enjoy. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app said the trial in countries including Ireland, Italy and Australia was aimed at stopping the platform from feeling ‘like a competition’. The change applies to […]

Instagram’s plan to make you a nicer person online

There’s something about a screen that can turn normal polite people into obnoxious monsters. Trolling is as much a part of internet life as social media but that doesn’t mean something shouldn’t be done about it. Now, Instagram is rolling out new anti-bullying software in a bid to reduce harmful comments on its platform. How […]