Woman Says Her Flat Is Haunted By ‘Horny Ghosts’

Flat Haunted Horny Ghosts

  Linda Hill from Texas revealed that her property is haunted by sexually-charged ghosts.     According to her, countless tenants have had ghostly encounters with different types of spirits inside this property.     However, the most common one usually stroked male tenats’ faces, arms or shoulders.   Hill herself has had some bizarre […]

A haunted Guesthouse in Gozo? Maltese woman shares her chilling story

ghost house malta

Do you believe in ghosts and the haunted? What would you do if you travel to the island of Gozo for a weekend break and find that the Guesthouse you’re staying in is haunted? A Maltese woman who wishes to remain anonymous shares her chilling story. ‘My husband, son and I went up to Gozo […]

Haunted places in Malta that will give you the creeps

A good spooky story is not just for Halloween. If the legends are to be believed, there could be a few bumps in the night not just on 31 October, the most ghostly night of the year, but every night. To get you into the ‘spirit’ of things, we’ve uncovered some spine-chilling, Maltese ghost stories […]

8 signs that your Maltese home might be haunted

Not everyone in Malta believes in ghosts. But have there ever been strange goings-on in your home that you can’t explain? Malta is reported to have several haunted buildings, including Villa Sans Souci in Marsaxlokk, Verdala Palace in Buskett, Australia House in Pembroke, the Manoel Theatre in Valletta and Fort St Angelo in Vittoriosa. Alison Wynne-Ryder, a […]