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Hasbulla Is Now Free And Placed On House Arrest

Hasbulla, a popular internet sensation and icon, was recently taken into custody in his hometown of Dagestan along with his companions for violating traffic laws.   As per the reports, they had caused hindrance to other drivers by blocking off a street to perform stunts with their vehicles. Although they claimed that they were celebrating […]

Hasbulla Arrested For Driving Offences In Russia

Hasbulla Magomedov, a popular TikTok star and UFC fighter, has allegedly been detained by the police for driving-related offenses.     According to reports, Hasbulla and his friends were causing a disturbance on the street while celebrating a friend’s wedding.   The 20-year-old from Dagestan, Russia, was reportedly arrested along with his companions.   Hasbulla’s […]

Hasbulla Throws Hands At Mike Tyson During Podcast

Hasbulla, a popular social media personality known for his humorous and entertaining videos, was a guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast called “Hotboxin”. During the show, Tyson and Hasbulla engaged in conversation and exchanged banter.   At one point, the two of them decided to face off against each other in a playful manner.   The […]