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Harry Styles Fans Need As Guides For His Home Town

A dream job popped up for Harry Styles lovers🤩     Holmes Chapel is looking for Harry Styles fans to volunteer as tour guides. Tour guides will take other fans around the village to see all the popular spots related to Harry! In 2023, the small community of Holmes Chapel, with a population nearing 6,700, […]

Harry Styles & Taylor Russell Spotted Holding Hands

Harry Styles seems to have a new girlfriend 👀     The speculations about a romantic relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Russell aren’t going anywhere, as the duo has been seen holding hands recently. Both aged 29, Harry and Taylor initially ignited these rumours earlier this year when Taylor was seen enjoying herself at […]

Harry Styles Rumoured To Be Dating Taylor Russell

Seems like Harry Styles has a new girlfriend   Harry Styles has officially confirmed his relationship with Taylor Russell, showcasing their undeniable affection during an intimate outing in London on Wednesday. The 29-year-old singer discreetly attended the premiere of the actress’ latest play, “The Effect,” at the National Theatre. The duo’s undeniable closeness was on […]

Harry Styles Raises $6.5M For Charity While On Tour

  Taking Treat People With Kindness to a whole new level💖     Harry Styles’ ‘Love on Tour’ kicked off in September 2021 and ended in July 2023, with a total of 173 shows and around 5 million attendees✨   Due to the success of his tour and the millions of people that attended the […]

Harry Styles Announces He Is Taking A Break Soon

Could this be the end of an era?     During a recent “Love On Tour” concert, Harry Styles paused the electrifying energy of his performance to address the audience.   With his trademark charm and style, he announced that he would be taking a short break, leaving fans both puzzled and supportive. While the […]

Emily Ratajkowski And Harry Styles Secretly Dating For 2 Months

During an open and extensive conversation about her romantic relationships, Emily Ratajkowski disclosed that she has been in a clandestine two-month-long relationship with Harry Styles and admitted that he could be her soulmate.     On a podcast recorded on March 9th, which was two weeks before she was photographed kissing Harry in Japan on […]

Harry Styles Spotted Kissing Emily Ratajkowski

Looks like Harry quickly got over Olivia Wilde 👀   Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski have ignited rumors of a possible romance after being caught on video kissing in Tokyo on March 25th. — Pop Base (@PopBase) March 26, 2023 The act of love happened on the same day that Styles performed at […]

Harry Styles Has The World’s Best Smile According To Dentists

According to Dr. Gülay Akay, the founder of Dentakay dental clinic, a beautiful smile can have a significant impact on a person’s social and professional life.     A charming smile is a powerful tool for making a good impression, and when it complements an attractive face, it creates facial harmony. In addition, Dr. Akay […]