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Scientists Say Aliens Might Contact The Earth Today

Scientists suggest that today might finally bring the long-awaited confirmation of extra-terrestrial life! The origin of this quest dates back four decades when Japanese astronomers Masaki Morimoto and Hisashi Hirabayashi utilized a telescope from Stanford University. Their objective was to transmit a signal to Altair, a star located 16.7 light years away. In what they […]

China Is Digging A 10,000m Hole Into The Earth’s Crust

Chinese scientists have started a ground-breaking project in China’s Xinjiang region.   They are drilling a 10,000-meter hole into the Earth’s crust. In order to reach the Earth’s cretaceous system, which contains rock formations dating back as far as 145 million years, this mammoth endeavor must travel through more than ten layers of rock. A […]

Earth Is Reaching Record Breaking Temperature Limit

In the upcoming years, our overheated world is more likely to exceed the critical temperature threshold, according to scientists.   By 2027, there is a 66% likelihood that the 1.5°C global warming target would have been exceeded, thanks in part to the increase in emissions and predicted changes in weather patterns. Even if the breach […]