WATCH: Joe Keery Was A Waiter Before Stranger Things

joe keery waiter

  Joe Keery being a waiter before his big break, explains why he is so charismatic on-and-off screen!     While Steve Harrington was not everyone’s cup of tea in Season 1, the character quickly gained traction in Season 2, as soon as he started forming a close bond with Dustin Henderson.   Dubbed “Mama […]

Sleeping On Your Left Can Lead To Nightmares

  According to a study, people who sleep on their left side are far more at risk of having nightmares!           The study said that sleeping on your left side makes you feel less safe, increasing the possibility of having nightmares often. On the other hand, people who slept on their […]

Rapper With Down Syndrome Making Dreams Come True

A teenage rapper with Down syndrome is leading the way for disabled people!     On the 15th and 16th January, in Orlando, Arik Ancelin and world-renowned DJ Nitti performed their new song “True Colors” at the Gilt nightclub.     The duo just released the song, and it was a big deal for 19-year-old […]

Here’s Why You Have Bizarre & Vivid Dreams After Drinking

  If you ever experienced weird and vivid dreams after a night of drinking, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone…     After several people reported having bizarre dreams after drinking, mattress company Otty decided to explain why. Speaking to The Sun, they said: ‘When you go to bed following a heavy night of […]