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Two Dolphins Spotted Playing Together In Bugibba

What a spectacle!   A pair of dolphins captivate onlookers with impressive leaps near Buġibba’s Aquarium. Amidst Malta’s scorching heatwave, the likelihood of encountering dolphins in our waters increases, as these intelligent creatures are drawn to warm weather, aiding in their body temperature regulation. Embracing the Summer Spotlight, these dolphins mesmerize us all with their […]

Group Of Dolphins Spotted Off The Maltese Coast

Malta’s local celebrities steal the show🐬     A mesmerizing video captured by @acciola shows a large group of dolphins swimming near the coast of Malta 😍 “These dolphins spotted during our morning boat trip are actually local residents of Malta, not those at the Sataya Lagoon,” @acciola clarified while sharing the stunning footage. Copperstone […]

Dolphins Spotted Off The Coast Of Comino

A beautiful sight 🐬🌊   This morning, an incredible sight unfolded as a lively pod of dolphins gracefully emerged off the captivating coast of Comino, offering a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s wonder. The majestic creatures, with their sleek bodies and playful demeanor, danced amidst the sparkling waves, filling the air with joy and awe.   […]

Dolphins Swim Around Jet Ski In Mellieħa

A fortunate jet skier had an unforgettable experience yesterday morning while exploring near the northern coast of Malta, surrounded by a dozen friendly dolphins 🐬👀.   Luke Gatt, who was able to film a portion of the encounter, said he saw roughly 10 to 14 dolphins during the magical moment. In the footage, four of […]